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We guarantee the best possible returns for all your campaigns. We will work with you to get the desired results for your campaigns. We have 24×7 support who will help you at all times. If you need tweaking your advertising campaign at 2 in the morning, one of us will be there to do it.

Its not just the support but the extra that we provide is enticing. We will optimize your existing ad campaigns, redesign your social media pictures, help with coding changes in your site etc.

Once you are with us we will help you with all aspects of your business including brainstorming business strategies.

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The Knights whose valiant efforts will take your website ahead. Know who you are going to work with.
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Brian Peterson

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Connie Williams

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Although our service was of highest quality our site was lagging in ranking aspect. With Valor Marketing we are market leaders in that aspect too. Not only the ranked our site they helped us revamp our site structure with helpful insights. Work was professional as expected and team behavior was super friendly.
Ms. Chloe Anderson

Ms. Chloe Anderson


Being an experienced individual I am a bit skeptic at working with new people. What made me change my mind was the round the clock support and they do provide that. I have odd working hour and I am happy that I will have help whenever I need.
Jeremy Cliton

Jeremy Cliton


Its always difficult managing a new business especially the marketing part. Well that not a problem for these guys, they revamped the whole marketing plan and brought in new strategies and didn't even break a sweat. Its great to have a team of professional and driven individuals working with you.
Kourtney Roy

Kourtney Roy



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Leveraging Instagram to Enhance Brand Marketing Strategies – When and How?

Here’s an incident that’s worth noting:

Back in early 2017 –Freelance photographer Daniel Diaz created an Instagram account and started posting pictures on a regular basis. His aim was to expand the business of photography on a global level and venture into various sectors of photography in due course of time. Soon, he started getting followers and the number amounted up to 10,000 within a short span of time. At a specific point, when he was quite desperate for cash to expand his business, all he did was to ask his followers for likes and the response was overwhelming. Of course, you could also buy instagram followers – plenty of services around (such as Buzzoid, etc).. but not everyone has the funds for this.

Cut to 2018 – Daniel has a sprawling online photography business and most of his clients want a print of those. Not just that, but as per latest news, his business strategy for future is also venturing into destination photography (country specific).

So, what does this story depict? It clearly shows as to how an Instagram account transformed a mere online format into a full-fledged photography brand.

Now, that’s not all! There’s more to brand awareness details than what Mr Diaz has to show.

  • Currently, Instagram has 700 million followers on a monthly basis.
  • Compared to Facebook video advertising that garners 1500 impressions on an average, Instagram garners 11,000 impressions. Along with this, it brings on 20 new followers.
  • 80% Instagram users connect voluntarily with a brand. This is 84 times more than Twitter and 54 times more than Pinterest on an average!

Hence, these details clearly depict how Instagram helps in brand awareness on a wider platform. Now, the query that one may have is – every brand is moving in the same direction to garner positives on Instagram. What is that ‘IT’ factor which would help ‘my’ brand grow over its contemporaries and competitors?

What are the ‘general backlogs’ that a brand has?

It was not long ago that trade pundits had predicted, the online marketing zone would become a ‘war-arena’ with filler content being repeated. This is the case now. Hence, it is important to check out those backlogs that normally a brand has which negates its business marketing strategies.

  • Lack of a correct acquisition strategy
  • Disconnect with the target audience
  • Rolling similar contents – nothing new!

With the visual power of Instagram, these backlogs can be negated, and one can not only create but enhance one’s brand awareness to a great extent.

Instagram is a place to visualize stories – a future that you promise your audience!

The Gen – Z audience and their demands:

The current generation towards whom that concerned brand is dedicated are –

  • Buyers who look for reality rather than traditional fame of that brand.
  • Is tech-savvy and hence, lacks attention for a wider span of time.
  • Looks for customization and innovative stances.
  • Wants to be a part of the feedback loop.

Hence, one must cater to these aspects while going in for updating one’s official Instagram marketing strategies to enhance brand awareness.

What are the steps to make it to the top?

Step 1: Tease your audience

Have you seen the current trend of releasing teasers of films before the trailer? Well, that is exactly the trend and Instagram does wonders when such things come to the fore. These teasers help in creating the much-needed anticipation and hence, awareness about this brand extends on a wider platform.

**What Insta does? Most of the brands which have made it big via Instagram have used this technique. So can you!

Step 2: Stay consistent to your brand and use hashtags strictly

Consistency is an aspect that not only clients love, but also does Instagram, albeit with innovation! Hence, one who wishes to make it big via social media needs to ensure that one’s brand’s image is protected. Also, one must use hashtags strictly and only to promote and share aspects related to one’s brands.

**What Insta does?Now, Instagram ensures that such brands with strong basic presence and strict usage of hashtags garner more priority than others. This is how the whole marketing technique of Instagram is carried out, thereby, helping a business to create awareness about their brands on a public platform.

Step 3: Create your community and cross promote posts

The biggest plus-point that Instagram gives its audience is a chance to create their own community. When multiple branches with similar considerations are on the same field, a particular community is created. This, with time, assists to build a specific zone which enhances demands of your business and improves the look of your brand.

Another very important point is to cross-promote posts. With Instagram as the base, move ahead and take up LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as your other tools.

**What Insta does?In this case also, this social media profile has a huge role to play. With creation of specific community and cross promotion of posts, Insta helps a business improve its brand marketing and reach out to certain restricted zones. Thus, on the whole, it provides a level playing field – a social field that is much-needed.

Step 4: Engage your clients – one has to innovate

  • Instagram stories (with a validity of 24 hours) are a tool that helps to garner visual appeal from one and all. Therefore, it is an automatic and innovative filter for success.
  • Arranging contests and integrating viewers into this purview is a prime mode to make it big in the business world. Brand engagement via comments, contests and likes has risen to a whopping 35%.
  • Regular posting is most important. Almost 5% of the top brands post innovative notes, on an average 50 times a month. All that Instagram has to do is – connect the correct dots.

**What Insta does?As the statistics state – Instagram becomes that bow which can release multiple arrows, that too in different directions to benefit one’s brand image. If upping the brand quotient is the job – use Instagram as the tool.

With these abovementioned strategies, one is bound to guide one’s brand reach the top and carve out that noticeable niche. So, keep it authentic on Instagram and see your dreams touch the sky!

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